UI Prototype
Let’s present what you have in your mind to the world. Show it once instead of using thousands of words trying to describe it.
UI Prototype: Why?
Eventually you have to show your idea in reality – to validate the concept, get feedback from users, or showcase your product to investors. A dynamic prototype is the ideal tool for that, and it is more than just a design - our business analysts carefully gather all the requirements and features from the Discovery phase, design the backend logic flow and then develop the prototype for the most relevant user scenarios.
Best way to showcase & test your product
Quick & cheap implementation
No development, servers, or infrastructure required
Design can be used in future development (= cost reduction)
Based on best UX practices
Can be accepted by Investors as initial product version
UI Prototype
Our team of Business Analysts, Designers, and UI/UX experts will do their best to visualize your product.
Wireframes Map
Product Discovery
Design Concept
Dynamic Prototype
Business Analyst; UI/UX Designer; Project Manager
1.5 week
Can we help you with UI Prototype?
UI Prototype: Pricing
1.5 week
* Estimate provided is for the average app (7 pages), can be decreased or increased
Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Project Manager
The Growth Plan
The UI and UX experts, business analysts, and product managers all work together to create a work of art. After a deep use-case analysis, the team comes up with a comprehensive dynamic prototype of the solution, which covers all the main routes of the user’s journey. The prototype is then used for successful Invinvestment pitching.
It is indeed pleasant to work with the team who is able to think strategically, and who can create a product with a glance to a couple of years ahead. They are punctual and accurate in reporting and meeting requirements as well as transparent in terms of payment. It all speaks of a serious approach. All the investments, made in cooperation with Stone Labs have proved justified.
Mohamed Hassan,
Co-founder, The Growth Plan
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