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Sometimes the hardest part of starting a business is getting your Minimum Viable Product app off the ground. We can help you launch your MVP fast, without you having to worry about coding or full-scale development!
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About Stone Labs
As a company that began as a startup, Stone Labs understands the challenges of getting a startup up and running. As your technology partner, we offer flexible engagement models, quick and agile development services, and support and maintenance options – everything you need to transform your innovative ideas into great products.
We also mentor and support you as you make informed decisions for your business.

You can trust us as your software development partner!
Product Discovery
It is important to identify the users’ major pain point and address it in the product. We help you focus on the most important parts of the system, so you can design а logic, functionality, and scope that keep your initial investments low.
Vision & Product Scope
MVP Scope & Dev Plan
We design the following:
UI Prototype
Eventually you have to show your idea in reality - to validate the concept, get feedback from users, or showcase the product for investors. Let us design the perfect look and feel prototype for that!
MVP Implementation
Our goal is to take you from idea to MVP as quickly as possible. The key at this stage is keeping budget, turnaround, and time-to-market to a minimum.
MVP: low/no-code
MVP: full-scope development
Team Scaling
Our team is ready to step in and maintain development projects to ensure your process stays reliable, proactive and up to the highest standard. Big or small, we give you the resources you need, from help with specific tasks to expert teams for your transformation initiatives.
Virtual Experts
A Chief Technology Officer and Head Prodcut Manager are key positions within any business looking to make its mark in the digital landscape. Our CTO/PM-as-a Service offering enables you to engage the services of a real experts at affordable costs. You pay only for what you need, according to the scope of the services.
Virtual CTO
Virtual Product Manager
Solution Audit
This service is for business owners, who want to update or reboot existing projects and add cool new features. A business owner can use this mentorship to relaunch an already-bought business out of the box, make the product competitive, and grow and scale it.
Our Advantages
No advanced payments — 100% control over the workload & costs
Extremely fast product delivery — start earning money ASAP
Payment for the development time of the team — maximum efficiency
Total flexibility — easy to adjust to market needs
Dynamic development’ cycles
Our team of business analysts and technical experts came a long way discovering user requirements/problems, generating the solutions, prioritizing the features, preparing the product plan, and implementing and preparing the product for its initial launch. Today the startup is already a successful product with multimillion-dollar investments.
Stone Labs did a great job of understanding the requirements of our business and helping to build the IT strategy. They got excited about our project and worked toward completion. As a startup we were extremely happy with the MVP they built!
Tom Finn,
Co-founder, LeggUp
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