Solution Audit
Let us examine your existing product to prepare it for a future growth.
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Solution Audit
This service is for business owners who want to update or reboot existing projects and add cool new features. It is ideal for already-bought out of the box businesses, where the business owner needs some mentorship about how to relaunch it, make the product competitive, and growth and scale.
Design review of desktop and mobile version of the UI/UX, analyzing usability, and creating a report listing visual problems and optimization options for various screen versions.
Actual tech stack review, scaling capability and high load optimization, System Architecture optimization (analyzing technology of existing databases, code quality, and response rate), creating a report listing existing and possible problems with possible solutions and recommendations.
Analysis of the current functionality (“Pain-Need-Desire” analysis, where we laser-focus on the product's goal, competitors, target users, and business model), analysis of the market competitor products (international), preparing the high-level list of new features and their business value according to the business analysis.
Our team of business analysts and technical experts came a long way discovering user requirements/problems, generating the solutions, prioritizing the features, preparing the product plan, and implementing and preparing the product for its initial launch. Today the startup is already a successful product with multimillion-dollar investments.

Stone Labs did a great job of understanding the requirements of our business and helping to build the IT strategy. They got excited about our project and worked toward completion. As a startup we were extremely happy with the MVP they built!
Tom Finn,
Co-founder, LeggUp
Solution audit: PRICING
UI Audit
Tech Audit
Features Audit
1.5 week
1.5 week
1.5 week
* All prices are preliminary and presented for the basic product
What kind of audit do you choose for your startup?
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